A year ago, I hired nutrition councellor Jayne Pritchard. She uses a holistic approach to improve your level of health and well-being and help gain control of your weight. She developed a personal plan for me that I followed for 6 weeks. Not once did we call this plan a diet. It was a way of life, and it was about making the right choices. I felt great, I had more energy, and I lost over twenty pounds. Then, I started straying from the plan. I gained the weight back, I felt depressed about my appearance, I was tired and did not feel like making my health and wellness a priority. Then, in June of 2013 I saw THE VIDEO that I believe will change my life. I’m tired of not feeling good in my own skin. I’m tired of “hiding” behind everything, including sweater wraps that hide my stomach (my closet is full of them). I want to be active with my kids and be a role model for them. And I’m tired of being tired all the time. I immediately sent the video to Jayne and I began to look at myself in a different light. This blog is my personal health and wellness anthology. A place for me to stay inspired, track my progress, outline my plan, and record healthy recipes that I’ve tried and love. Since so much of my life is online, in that I always have access to the web, this is my way to stay true to myself. It’s a continuous reminder of the journey that I’ve started for a healthier, lighter, fitter me. It starts now kids!


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